A Few Ways To Speed Up Your Website Loading Time

Ever click onto a website and have to wait for images and graphics to load on it? I don't know about you, but we here at Captivate Digital don't like it, and more importantly Google doesn't like it. In fact, Google takes page loading speed into account when determining search rankings. Simply put, website loading

How To Prevent Spam Emails From Reaching Your Inbox

Anyone who has ever installed a contact form on their website has likely had to deal with heaps of spam emails coming through. These fake emails can be super annoying, especially when they never seem to let up - or when all you want is a real legit lead to come through. Unfortunately there is

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Should You Switch To An HTTPS Site?

One hot topic amongst website owners is whether it's a good idea to switch to a secure version of their site: that is, one with an https:// address instead of an http:// one. An https site offers an added layer of security which keeps your browsing information private, whereas an http site is prone to "eavesdropping

What To Do With Google Search Console

Last week we talked about how to set up Google Search Console and link it to your existing Google Analytics account. Now, let's look at what you do with it once you have your Google Search Console account ready to go! Sitemaps A sitemap is exactly what it sounds like: a map of your site structure,