Techniques for Perfecting Different Acrylic Nail Shapes

There are so many stunning nail designs that can be created using acrylic nails. Nail shape is an essential aspect in achieving the desired look. There are many techniques to create each nail shape and in this article, we will go through some of these.

You will learn many of these techniques in a nail tech course. For example, if the client wants square nails, this basically has a flat tip with straight sides. This is a classic look and you have to start by shaping the natural nails of the client into a square shape. This is done by using a nail file and you have to make sure that all the sides are straight and even. The acrylic product can be applied in a square shape so that the apex can be built slightly higher in the centre so that strength and durability can be created. A straight edge nail file can be used to refine the shape. Any rough edges can be smoothed out and you can then maintain clean line and symmetry. You can then use a high gloss top coat to enhance the shine. This will also prevent the acrylic nails from peeling or chipping.

There is a rounded tip in round nails and the sides are gently curved

This gives a soft appearance and the natural nails will be shaped into an oval shape with a nail file in the beginning to achieve this. The edges can be gently rounded and the tip can be tapered to create a smooth curve. You have to apply the acrylic product in a round shape. Thickness should be built at the centre of the nail so that there is a natural apex. You can use a curved nail file to refine the shape and smooth out any irregularities.

A pointed tip and tapered sides are characteristics of almond nails

These nails can create an elongated appearance. The natural nail has to be tapered into an oval shape and you can gently file the sides inwards and taper the tip. The acrylic product has to be applied in an almond shape and thickness has to be built in the centre and tapered towards the tip for a smooth transition. A fine grit nail file can be used to shape the nail and smooth out rough edges. This will make the final finish sleek and symmetrical. A high shine top coat can be used to enhance the beauty of the almond nails. This will also prevent the nails from getting damaged.

Stiletto nails have long pointed tips

And it gets its name from the shape of a stiletto heel. This is a dramatic look and the natural nail has to be shaped into a long and tapered almond shape in the beginning to achieve this. The sides should be filed inwards and the tip can be tapered to a sharp point. The acrylic product can be applied in a stiletto shape and you have to create an elongated tip that tapers into a precise point. The shape can be further refined using a buffing block or fine grit nail file.

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