All About Paid Online Advertising

Just as businesses pay to place an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or on a bus or billboard, they can also pay for online advertising. Paid online advertising can be very helpful in driving traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, and generating more sales. However, it's very easy to fail if you choose the

The Nitty Gritty on Facebook Ads

In an ideal world, your Facebook page would collect likes organically - that is, by people enjoying your content enough to proactively 'like' your page. Maybe they come across your Facebook page via your website, or perhaps they saw a friend like or share something of yours on Facebook. Regardless, they found you naturally, liked

What Services To Offer With A Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you're starting your own digital marketing agency or are in the market for some digital marketing services for your business, you've come to the right place! Here's a quick look at some of the services you might consider offering (or booking) with a Melbourne digital marketing company. (Bear in mind that it's perfectly normal

Google Analytics: What You Need To Know

If you have a website, you should absolutely have a Google Analytics account associated with it. This will allow you to track your website traffic, determine your user demographic, and see where your site visitors are coming from. Armed with this information, you can then set out to improve your marketing efforts and continue to

Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Website

Guest Blogging Writing a post on someone else's blog provides two major benefits that can result in more traffic: 1). It helps with link building, i.e. getting your website linked on other sites, which helps with SEO efforts and getting your site ranked higher on Google, and 2). It may capture the attention of potential