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Why is SEO Important?

If you’re a business owner, you know that website traffic is vital to your success.

One of the best ways to attract visitors to your site is to use SEO – search engine optimisation – to ensure that your website is ready to attract, retain and convert prospects from just searching, to buying. And while some people don’t rate the effectiveness of SEO, ignoring this important element of your online marketing strategy gambles with your online success. In fact, we believe SEO is very much alive and is not losing its importance anytime soon.

If you’re new to SEO or wondering how it will help your online brand, we’ve put together some compelling reasons why you should learn more:

SEO draws attention to your website

The basic premise of SEO is to have your website ranking higher than your competitors. Of course, having a beautifully designed website is no use if people can’t find it online. As much as you need to make your website attractive to your current and future customers, you also need to make it appealing to search engines!

You do this by using relevant keywords, adding meaningful original content for your audiences to read and having quality back links that attract search engines’ attention. When done right, SEO will help your website gradually move to the first page of the search engine ranking, helping it get noticed by people interested in your products and services and driving traffic to your website… for free!

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SEO enhances your credibility online

The main purpose of having a website, blog or another form of online presence is to provide value to your audiences by helping them find an answer or a solution for a topic in which they are interested.

Your aim, therefore, should be to educate, entertain and eventually convince any visitors to your site that you have the right answers, skills and experience to give them a reason to purchase your products or services. Unless you appear as a credible individual or business in the eyes of the consumers, you simply won’t be able to convince them that you are the right fit for them!

SEO becomes a powerful tool – not just for getting the online attention you seek, but also to establish a rapport with your audience and give them a reason to trust you. Your website will show up when the right queries get typed into the search bar, and if you can give the users exactly what they were hoping to find, your credibility will build very quickly. And, it will be easier for those online sales to come rolling in.

Additionally, research has discovered that most people searching for products or services never go beyond the first page of the search engine results pages, and most of them will concentrate on the first three results on page one. With proper optimisation of your website, you will find that more of your keywords will rise, and, in time, occupy positions on the first page of the search results. You appear more credible and trustworthy if prospective customers find your website on the first page of the search results as opposed to being found on any subsequent pages.

SEO means you’ll benefit from mobile traffic

These days we search for websites using our mobile devices far more often than laptops or desktop computers.

Therefore, any smart business owner will optimise their website for mobile viewing. Otherwise, the majority of people searching for your products will move away to your competitors. As an additional factor, Google has indicated they are considering mobile friendliness of websites as a ranking factor.

In simple terms, if your website is mobile friendly, you’ll benefit from higher Google rankings, and this can be achieved only through proper SEO.

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SEO blends well with other marketing methods

SEO works well with other marketing methods such as social media. In recent years, most social networks – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – have established new ways for businesses to engage and reach their customers.

For instance, businesses can now hold live chats with customers on their social media pages, in addition to customers liking or following brands they want to know more on.

In addition to creating regular posts to entertain and educate current and potential customers, businesses can now add links to their social networking platforms that customers can follow. They can also include keywords as hashtags to increase the visibility of their content online.

In doing so, businesses are not just increasing the scope and depth of content, but adding social signals to their websites which have become one of the ranking factors considered by major search engines.

SEO is sustainable in the long term

It is true that getting results using SEO will not happen overnight.

But, if performed correctly, once established, you’ll enjoy an endless stream of free and targeted traffic to your website…if, and only if, you base your SEO on solid white hat ranking methods.

In fact, SEO remains to be the only known way to effective and sustained website rankings and to get targeted traffic free of charge.

Every online business should take SEO seriously, and you must understand that it is an ongoing process, not a one off. Even when the desired rankings are achieved, optimisation should continue to solidify your rank and continue enjoying free traffic to your websites.

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