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Search Engine Optimisation With Captivate Digital.
Captivate Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that provides assistance in promoting your products and services online.

Our SEO Services. What Do We Offer?

Website visibility is a must for every business that desires any success in their online endeavours. There is a lot more that is required to succeed in selling your products and services online than just a well-designed website.

At Captivate Digital, we have made it our business to bring much-needed visibility to online businesses through proper search engine optimisation. Irrespective of your niche or industry, you can trust our solutions to put your website right in front of your potential customers every time they make a relevant query in a search engine.

Being polished SEO experts, here are some of the things we do with regards to search engine optimisation and making your website visible in the search engines-:

Keyword And Competitor Analysis

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation. Keywords simply refer to the phrases your target audience are likely to type into the search bar when they are searching for your products or services. Without proper keyword research, you are in the dark and hoping that your prospective customers see your website – it never works that way!

With every client who uses our search engine optimisation services, we take the time to research the right keywords that will provide higher rankings. We have at our disposal a variety of keyword research tools which makes it easy for us to uncover the right keywords needed to bring the right traffic to your website.

We also carry out competitor analysis to determine the kind of industry that you compete in. This activity enables us to determine just how much work is required to give you the desired rankings. It also provides us with insight to the right strategies and campaigns we need to use which will bring the desired results.

Website Remediation

Website remediation is for sites that are suffering due to structural errors in the website that reduce the ability for the search engines to index their information easily. As such, these sites are not able to meet their full potential in search engine rankings.

Website remediation also caters for websites which have not been updated in a long time or are in contravention of the search engine policies, especially Google. These types of websites are deindexed, thus can’t be found in the search engines results pages, or they rank very poorly in the organic results.

With our website remediation services, our first task is to ensure the website is seen in the best possible light by the search engines, then this is followed by proper optimisation – both on page and off page.

We will also check the link profile of the site, fix all the broken internal links, remove all toxic links, submit a sitemap to the search engines and ensure that the website has a healthy link profile. Irrespective of the violations your website had or the nature of the penalty it was slapped with, our website remediation services are all you need to get back on the search engine results pages and take advantage of the free and targeted traffic.

Copy Development

There is no doubt in the online world that content is king. With the current online landscapes, not just any kind of content will be beneficial to your website and visitors.

Our aim at Captivate Digital is not just to generate general content to fill up your web pages, but we are keen on providing you with content that will convert visitors to your website, into customers. Our content is designed at providing useful information to your visitors and at the same time aiding your ranking efforts in the search engines. We also create a wide variety of content, including but not limited to-: web pages, blog posts, press releases, product description, videos, infographics, how-to guides and much more!

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimisation simply refers to increasing the number of the visitors to your website that gets converted into either sales or subscribers, depending on your objective.

It is possible to have your website ranking on top of the search engine pages, but if you are unable to convert the traffic, then the success of your SEO is effectively sabotaged. We look at various conversion aspects of your website to ensure everything is set correctly for maximum conversions. These include the design of the web page, the content of the copy, placement of calls to action, page load speeds, and much more.

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“We contacted Captivate Digital to help us boost our online presence and reach a wider audience. Sean came out to our office and explained how SEO techniques could help us achieve our business aims. Within 2 weeks of kicking off our campaign, we’d signed a new major client who found us online. Fast positive outcomes. Very happy!”


Why Choose Captivate Digital?

Captivate Digital is a small boutique agency with specialists all around the country. We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and even more proud to have all of our specialists living in Australia. We don’t farm out work to overseas ‘white label’ agencies, the people working on your account are the people that are having coffee at the next table!

What Areas Do We Service?

Our clients are located in most states of Australia. We are happy to help anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

What’s Next?

Please get in touch and we will have our Managing Director, Sean McCoy contact you for an obligation free conversation about your specific needs.

With close to 20 years of Internet based industry experience, Sean can provide you with guidance on how to achieve your goals and the best way to get there.

“Sean and his team are amazing. We could not be more happy with their work and commitment in building our business name. We have used them for both SEO development and Google-Adwords campaigns with huge success. They went above and beyond in walking us through the process of digital marketing, which was completely overwhelming in the beginning.
Highly Recommended!”


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We provide real SEO improvements, fast. Our clients have enjoyed fantastic SEO success early on in their campaigns.

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