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Is PPC Really For Me?

Some business owners can find it difficult to decide if pay per click advertising is a good marketing fit for them. It is a genuine dilemma, as there are countless people who have tried it in the past and not achieved the desired results.

But, for every business owner who has lost money on PPC, there are more who have successfully promoted their business (and who are still using it). The difference between them is that the successful ones first determined whether PPC was right for their business and then worked on a campaign that gave them a significant return on investment.

If you’re at this crossroads in your marketing plan, here’s a helpful guide for deciding whether it’ll work for you:

It’ll work if you need faster market testing

One of the biggest advantages of PPC advertising over other marketing channels is that it allows for faster market testing when it comes to selling products and services through your website. If you want to know how effective your website or call-to-action is, a single, well-targeted PPC campaign will effectively test it out.

Information generated from your online traffic will tell you which components of your website are search engine optimised and are effectively converting your visitors to customers. It will also identify what needs to change to achieve a great conversion rate. In short, PPC marketing enables you to acquire data fast so you can make real-time improvements to your site.

Also, PPC will give you information on whether or a not a particular product or service will sell. While you think your product will sell based on what your market competitors are offering, unless you put it out there and see how people interact with it, you can never tell with absolute certainty whether or not you’re on a winner! With PPC, all you need do is drive a small amount of traffic in the right direction to see if your target audience will buy the product, and in so doing, you can evaluate your product more precisely.

It’ll work if you love data

If you are the kind of person who loves data and appreciate making data driven decisions in business, then PPC marketing is right for you!

A typical PPC marketing campaign will generate a significant amount of data, which can then be analysed and measured for effectiveness. For instance, your campaign will generate data such as demographics, who is clicking your ads, the regions where the ads are clicked, interests and behaviours of those showing interest in the products, the times when most clicks came, among other things.

This valuable information can be used not just to improve your marketing campaign, but will also enable you to focus on the best products and services that yield the greatest returns.

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It’ll work if you love speed

With other mass marketing channels, a lot of time and commitment is required upfront before you start seeing any meaningful results.

For instance, if you were to rely on SEO to generate traffic to your website, you may have to wait a couple of months before you start to see your website climb the search engine rankings. PPC marketing, on the other hand, brings in traffic instantly. If designed correctly, you will start to get results the moment you launch the campaign.

It’ll work if you need stability and reliability in traffic generation

That visitor traffic is the backbone of all online businesses goes without say.

However, traffic generation is not a walk in the park. Most common methods such as search engine optimisation (SEO) or social media marketing take some time to build up. And, annoyingly, just one update of the Google search algorithm can undo all your hard work!

So, if you don’t have time to wait for slow organic traffic, PPC marketing is the right tool for you.

Not only will a PPC campaign guarantee a flow of targeted customers to your website, but you will also have the ability to scale it to increase the number of visitors to your site. This stability and reliability in traffic generation will allow you to make better decisions when growing your business and increasing its profitability.

It’ll work if you want a first-page search engine listing

There is a lot of competition online. But, if you’d like a first page ranking for your business keywords today, PPC marketing can only provide this result immediately.

Depending on some factors, such as your bids for your keywords, you’ll enjoy listing at the top of the search page. A kind of short cut to page one of Google without waiting for months or building thousands of back links you’d need for organic rankings.

Organic traffic is the best result, but it can take some time to build up. If you have the marketing budget for paid advertising, PPC should be at the top of your wish list.

But be aware, PPC can be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why it’s good to have someone on your side to help you understand the rules and analyse the data!


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