New vs. Used Refrigerator Vans

Refrigerated trucks and vans are incredibly versatile. If you have a fresh produce business or are in the business of transporting perishable goods that are temperature sensitive, this can be a great investment.

You can consider buying a new or used fridge for van. The main consideration will be the cost. New vans will have a higher price tag but they are in pristine condition and that is what you are paying for. They also come with warranty coverage and modern features. But you will be able to explore affordable options when considering a used van and the upfront cost will be much lower. This makes used vans an attractive option if you have budgetary constraints. If you are thinking of a way to reduce the initial investment, a used van will be just the solution. But you have to weigh the pros and cons of this choice. For example, while you will benefit from the initial low cost, there can be potential maintenance and repair costs that you will need to consider. And these can be quite common when it comes to older vehicles.   

There is the advantage of reliability and performance with a new refrigerated van.

They come with efficient refrigeration systems, latest technology and modern safety features so that optimal performance can be ensured. Also, the chance of experiencing mechanical issues or breakdowns with a new van is very low compared to a used one. This will give you some peace of mind and it can assure you that your transport of perishable goods will not be affected. But you can carry out proper inspection and maintenance for a used van so that similar reliable performance can be achieved. There can still be some uncertainty but the risk of a breakdown can be very minimal provided that you carry out the required repairs and maintenance. You will be provided warranty coverage for the new van. These coverages tend to be quite comprehensive and cover defects in the workmanship and materials of the van. Also, certain systems and components will also be covered under the warranty. When you purchase a used van, there is limited or no warranty coverage and you will have to bear the full cost for any maintenance or repairs. There is better after sales support for new vans and there is access to manufacturer-approved service centres.

There are also more customisation options when it comes to new vans.

You can choose a refrigerated van based on your requirements and choose the configuration and size of cargo to your preferences. There are advanced customisation options that are available to you and you can optimise the storage space, integrate technology for better monitoring or tracking and improve temperature control of the cargo area. However, there is still a degree of customisation available with used van but the options tend to be quite limited. This will also depend on the condition of the vehicle and modifications it has undergone previously. The depreciation and resale value should also be considered when you make the final decision.

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