How a Dog Chiropractor Can Help with Rehabilitation

While your pet’s veterinarian will play a big role in their rehabilitation, this can be further assisted with alternative therapies like chiropractic care. Your veterinarian can refer you to a dog chiropractor that can help improve your pet’s rehabilitation journey.

One of the main services provided by the Melbourne Dog Chiropractor is assessing any spinal misalignments in dogs and providing a treatment solution for it based on each dog’s situation. There will be gentle adjustments performed to restore proper spinal alignment. There will be several sessions needed and you will notice that your pet is improving their mobility little by little. The reason that this helps your pet is that when their spine is aligned properly, their nerves are able o communicate and function properly. This will accelerate the healing process and improve your pet’s mobility. Many dogs that are undergoing rehabilitation have issues related to joint health and mobility. And a dog chiropractor can be very beneficial at this stage because their adjustments can reduce inflammation and therefore improve mobility of the joints. The joints can be realigned to the proper position so that any pressure can be relieved. Your furry friend will feel more comfortable in their body and their range of movement will be improved. With this improvement, they will be able to better participate in exercises related to rehabilitation.

If your pet has suffered an injury such as a tear in their ligament, a fracture or muscle strain, chiropractic care can be very beneficial in the rehabilitation process because these adjustments can help increase blood circulation. And chiropractic care can reduce inflammation which can lead to improved healing. Any misalignments that have taken place because of the injury can be addressed during these sessions and the affected area can be specifically targeted by the dog chiropractor so that your pet is able to regain their mobility faster. They will also be able to get stronger which can further restore their normal function. Pain is a normal phenomenon during rehabilitation but it can be difficult to think about your pet being in pain and discomfort. However, by taking them to a dog chiropractor, you can help alleviate their pain without the use of medication. Many dogs can be very difficult when it comes to administering medication and chiropractic care offers a medication free method of alleviating your pet’s pain.

The pressure on nerves can be reduced using chiropractic adjustments and this can reduce pain considerably. When your pet is in pain, they will not be corporative in participating in rehabilitative exercises and activities. But with the help of adjustments, their overall wellbeing will improve which will help them corporate better. The surrounding muscles and soft tissues will also be considered when it comes to chiropractic care. Some of the issues your pet will be facing after an injury are weakness of muscles, muscle imbalances or tension. These areas of muscle tension will be identified at the chiropractic session and adjustments will be made to improve muscle strength.

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