Guide to Cleaning Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are used to direct rainwater away from the house so that water damage to the walls foundation and landscaping is prevented. But you need to maintain them regularly to ensure they are effective.

When roof gutters are clogged,

There are many issues that can come up including water damage to the walls and roof such as flooding of the basement, insect infestations and foundation erosion. You have to choose the right time for cleaning, however. Generally, you are required to clean the gutters twice annually, including cleaning in the spring and the fall. But if there are a lot of trees surrounding your home, where the leaves can fall on the roof quite regularly, you will need to clean the roof more frequently. There are companies for roofing Baulkham hills that offers gutter and roof cleaning. So you can schedule them for regular cleaning in your home. You need to have the right tools and equipment when you are cleaning the gutters. You will need to have a stable ladder, a small garden trowel to scoop debris from inside the gutter, work gloves, safety glasses and a trash bag to place the debris. A host with a high pressure nozzle can be used to remove the debris.

You need to ensure safety

When you are cleaning the gutters and this starts with having a secure ladder. It is always a good idea to have someone assist you. Work gloves will protect your hands against any sharp debris and the safety glasses will protect your eyes from any dirt getting in. You need to take the time and work carefully so as to prevent injuries. You can remove the large twigs, branches and leaves from the gutters manually. And accumulated debris at the bottom of the gutter can be scooped out and you can put it into a bucket or into the trash bag. You can slowly work your way through the entire length of the gutters. Make sure to pay extra attention to the areas of the gutter near the downspouts and corners. These areas will have a lot of accumulated dirt and debris. Once the majority of the debris has been removed, the high pressure nozzle on the hose can be used to flush out the smaller particles. You have to start pointing the nozzle at the end of the gutter that is opposite the downspout. This way, the dirt will be flushed out effectively.

Make sure to flush water through the downspout and check if there are any blockages.

If there is a clog, you can use a plumber’s snake to dislodge it. Sometimes there can be damage to the gutter or signs of wear. Check if there are loose brackets anywhere or I any sections have started to sag. Sometimes there can be rust and corrosion. By addressing minor issues early on, you can prevent major problems from occurring later on. Extensive damage will require the help of a professional gutter repair service. There are certain things you can do to reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning. There are gutter screens that can be installed that leave out large debris out of the gutter so that water can still flow freely. You will still need to clean the gutter but this will make the process manageable. Make sure to trim any overhanging branches as well because this will prevent leaves and twigs falling into the gutters.

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