How to Choose Bloggers to Promote Your Business

Are you considering working with bloggers to promote your business and reach more relevant people? Blogger outreach can be a great way to target niche audiences. Other than the obvious first task of matching the blogger and their audience with yours, what else should you consider to decide if you'll reach enough of the right kind

Using Hashtags to Reach More People Online

So, the million dollar question: what are hashtags? Basically they're a way of categorising posts. They help people to find information and posts on specific topics. What does this mean for you and your business? It means that you can maximise the chances that your social media content is found by relevant audiences. Are hashtags

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How to Harness Social Media Insights to Improve Your Business

You can glean some very useful insights from social media which can be used as market research for your business. You can learn from your own followers and followers of competitors. Work Out What Your Target Audience Love Check which product types and services are the most popular. Which items always drive clicks, engagement and

Social Media: It’s About Engagement, Not The Number Of Followers

Likes, followers, comments - which of these are most important when it comes to social media? Truthfully, it's not about getting the most of any of these. In social media, like in many other things in digital marketing, what matters most is quality. And the best quality determinant in the social media world is engagement.

Instagram For Business: An Overview

Instagram recently rolled out Instagram For Business, a version of Instagram providing businesses with a plethora of analytics and features not available with the normal (personal) Instagram account. If Instagram is an area of focus for your business, it is absolutely worth making the switch to a business account. (Bear in mind that certain social