5 Metrics Directly Affected By SEO

We all know that when you work on your site’s SEO (or hire a Melbourne SEO agency for SEO services), you’re specifically aiming to get your desired keywords to show up on Google and increase your search ranking over time. But did you know that improving SEO also benefits other important website metrics? Here are

Using Hashtags to Reach More People Online

So, the million dollar question: what are hashtags? Basically they're a way of categorising posts. They help people to find information and posts on specific topics. What does this mean for you and your business? It means that you can maximise the chances that your social media content is found by relevant audiences. Are hashtags

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Google Has De-Indexed 1.8 Billion Websites

Ever wondered what happens when someone is caught copying content from another website? Well, wonder no longer: Google de-indexes 98% of websites submitted for a copyright takedown. That’s a huge deal because it means the website in question literally drops off of Google for every keyword search if found guilty. Not showing up on Google

Google AdWords Now Reporting on Null Quality Scores

Just a couple weeks ago (on September 12, to be exact), Google AdWords began reporting on null Quality Scores for both new keywords as well as keywords that lack recent click and impression data. What does this mean?, you might be wondering. First let's backtrack and talk about what Quality Scores even mean. What is