Social Media: It’s About Engagement, Not The Number Of Followers

Likes, followers, comments - which of these are most important when it comes to social media? Truthfully, it's not about getting the most of any of these. In social media, like in many other things in digital marketing, what matters most is quality. And the best quality determinant in the social media world is engagement.

SEO Services Success Story: Melbourne Myotherapy

Joining the ranks of Schoolfurn, Bluebox Solutions, and eCreators, Melbourne Myotherapy is our latest SEO services success story. Melbourne Myotherapy provide myotherapy and remedial massage treatments in South Melbourne. When they signed on with us, they had a basic website that they were in the process of building up. During the first month we helped them add new

Instagram For Business: An Overview

Instagram recently rolled out Instagram For Business, a version of Instagram providing businesses with a plethora of analytics and features not available with the normal (personal) Instagram account. If Instagram is an area of focus for your business, it is absolutely worth making the switch to a business account. (Bear in mind that certain social

The Nitty Gritty on Facebook Ads

In an ideal world, your Facebook page would collect likes organically - that is, by people enjoying your content enough to proactively 'like' your page. Maybe they come across your Facebook page via your website, or perhaps they saw a friend like or share something of yours on Facebook. Regardless, they found you naturally, liked

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

First off, we at Captivate Digital are big fans of blogging. You'll see us posting a new article each week on the blog for exactly this reason. If you're a little skeptical of blogs or perhaps have a website of your own already, you should read this article on why you need a blog. Simply put: