What is White Hat SEO, and Why Should You Care?

How often have we heard the term White Hat SEO thrown around in the digital space? Now, instead of nodding along at its mention, you'll know exactly what this phrase means. Allow us to break it down for you: Image credit: SEOMoose.ca   What is White Hat SEO? In short, White Hat SEO uses honest

SEO Services Success Story: Schoolfurn

These last couple months at Captivate Digital, we've been working on big SEO projects for some of our clients. They've ranged from startups with brand new websites and a blank slate for SEO to established companies with an international presence and a website that already ranked for some keywords. No matter how long your business

7 Plugins You Need For Your WordPress Blog

Do you have a WordPress blog on your company website? If not, you should (read this article on why your business needs a blog). If you do have a blog, here are some must-have WordPress plugins to help optimize, promote, and protect your blog posts: Akismet One drawback to blogging is the inundation of spam

Tips For Preparing For Your Corporate Headshots

We've already talked about how important it is to hire a headshot photographer if you want to be perceived as professional in your headshots. Mediocre snaps from your mobile phone and cropped photos of you with your friends or family just scream amateur, and make it look like you couldn't be bothered to invest the